P@TCH workshop 10/26/2018

P@TCH is a textile-based critical new media project. This hand-embroidered patch would track your online commentary and track your progress as an active advocate for an ethical stance – a Fitbit for your ethical performance.

Social media has made it possible for the public to make their political/ethical positions more public than ever. However, there is a distance to travel from posting an NPR article about climate change and reducing your carbon footprint. Though we appear more opinionated than ever, the communication online has stupefied us into the belief that our retweets are enough to create change

There is a disconnect between the rage online surrounding plastic straws and the reality of someone quietly typing out a rant while in line at the local Starbucks sipping their cold brew out of a plastic single-use cup.

In the end, this project will be a critical object that asks what our boundaries might be for participating in this kind of political outrage, shifting from the online space to the physical realm utilizing embroidery thread, LEDs, and an Arduino Gemma.

What if every time you gave commentary on a given issue you had to actively “practice what you preach”?

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